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If you're on the prowl for a paintballing experience like no other in the Midlands, you'll find all the carnage you can handle at our superb Skirmish Paintball Nottingham site. Home to some of the most outrageously entertaining game zones out there and trigger pumping mayhem will unfold from the first minute until the last.

Paintballing fans have never had it so good - our utterly awesome Skirmish Paintball Leicester venue is one of the most adrenaline soaked and mud churning experiences out there. Tear across of fantastic game zones, dispatching your foes left, right and centre. A truly out of this world paintballing adventure.

There is no experience as riotously entertaining as an epic paintballing battle and here at our superb Skirmish Paintball Coventry venue, that's exactly what we've got in store. With more awesome game zones than you can shake a stick at, you better have your trigger finger primed and ready for action if you want to emerge as the paintballing top dog!

For a Yorkshire paintballing experience like no other, you need look no further than our phenomenal Skirmish Paintball Sheffield site. We have so many frantic, mud soaked battles in our many cracking game zones that all our paintballers definitely leave with a smile on their faces. You will need to bring your A-Game if you hold any hope of being crown paintballing king.